“May reads the part of ‘Tragic hero’ “

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader and openly gay woman, has this morning said she received assurances from Theresa May over gay rights should the Tories strike a deal with the DUP.

Ruth Davidson has received ‘assurances’ from a woman who has repeatedly lied and performed U-turns in a desperate attempt to remain in power at any cost. These assurances do not put me at ease.

Women have been disproportionately affected by Tory cuts; with 86% of the burden of austerity falling to women, specifically targeting victims of domestic violence and closing women’s refuge centres. Whilst Theresa May’s voting record with gay rights, women’s rights and the vulnerable also does not paint a picture of a compassionate woman, ready to fight the good fight. In fact, some of the more terrifying votes include;

-Voted against gay couples adopting children

-Voted against reducing the age of consent between same sex couples from 18-16

source: TheyWorkForYou.com

Although her stance on gay rights has softened slightly over time, it is almost entirely a calculated move to retain votes and in no way a reflection of her personal beliefs. This is not a woman with your best interests in mind, only your vote.

I know this, because only someone who is able to look the other way on discrimination when it benefits them, could get into bed with a party like the DUP.

So do not take comfort in her assurances and do not rely on her as a voice for the marginalised when the DUP starts to push. Take comfort and find support in the rest of the UK, because finally, it’s starting to look United again. Overwhelmingly, the UK voted for liberal, left leaning and socialist values. It voted against austerity. It voted for equality. It voted for hope. It’s a very different country to the one that voted for Brexit a year ago. The DUP has no place in modern politics, and by aligning herself with them, no longer does Theresa May.

And I have confidence that she won’t last much longer, it’s near about the only thing I’ve ever had confidence in her for.

I know this, because the tragic hero’s tale can only end in one way. We watched as her hubris lead to a general election, so arrogantly assured she couldn’t possibly lose. We collectively recoiled from her nemesis, so poetic in it’s justice, that she should form a coalition with terrorists so soon after slandering Corbyn for his purported sympathies. Now we eagerly await her catharsis, when she finally falls on her sword for the good of the country. So take assurance in her inevitable downfall, from a country unified in its intolerance of the intolerant and from its collective schadenfreude.

I guess May did get one thing right, we needed this election to come together again. She just never expected it would be at her expense.


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