Jeremy Corbyn : Left wing maverick or fashion icon?


Spot the Corbyn.

I have a lot of admiration for this man, who clearly has no idea who Jeremy Corbyn is, doesn’t mind ruining his ‘of the people’ photo op and just wants to get his 1/2 pint of milk and digestive biscuits home.

Also sorry for the intern who presumably had to wait at the back of the queue in order to get this photo, missed the opportunity to grab a seat and had to spend the bus journey awkwardly stumbling around just far enough away to make any conversation with the rest of the team unreasonable. I’m guessing that’s why this picture is emoji heavy. Bad day to forget your headphones.

With regards to Jeremy’s bucket bag. V. on trend. V. festival chic. V. Topshop cool. Unless it’s just a camera bag, in which case I’m at a complete loss.


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